For the Ears

Unlike common playlists which are customarily used in sequential or randmized trackwise fashion. This playlist is a summary of sounds which make for hours of listening enjoyment. Use not only the tunes in this list but consider that each entry represents the entire studio album from which it was taken. The list is formulated that the given tracks are not taken from albums which make for poor listening quality. Artists whose work is noted more than several times represent an indication for the two or three studio albums around the time of the release of the listed track.

Roni Size "Railing" -

Techmaster PEB "Bassgasm" -

Natural Born Chillers "Rock the Funky Beats" -

Kid Rock "Bawitdaba" -

Prodigy "Their Law (live Phoenix Festival '96" - (I wanna see you breakin' their f*kin' necks!)

Slayer "South of Heaven" -

Chemical Brothers "Elektrobank" -

Depeche Mode "It's No Good (Dom T's Bass Bounce mix)" -

White Zombie "Thunder Kiss '65" -

Method Man "Release Yo Delf (Prodigy remix)" - (where's the spooky Tokyo vid?)

Fatboy Slim "Acid 8000" - (If this don't make your booty move)

Eminem "When the Music Stops" -

Judas Priest "A Touch of Evil" - (just a touch)

Slayer "Read Between The Lies" -

The Orb "Aftermath (feat. MC Soom T)" - (where's the Ayumi Hamasaki vid?)

Iron Maiden "Run Silent Run Deep" - (and men will die)

The Chemical Brothers "Left Right" -

Kottonmouth Kings "Life Rolls On" -

Cypress Hill "A to the K" -

DJ Icey "City of Groove" -

Gravity Kills "Inside" - (heavy metal bass)

DIO "Pain" -

The Crystal Method "Tough Guy" -

The Hunger "Shoot to Kill" - (greets 2 Max @ Simrill's, Terre Haute, IN, 1998)

Techmaster PEB "Bass by Numbers" -

MegaDeth "Tornado of Souls" -

Manu Chao "King of Bongo (Cut'n'Run) - (greets Q, profit, shedman,!)

Run DMC "Simmons Incorporated" -

Iron Maiden "Holy Smoke" -

Roni Size "Dirty Beatz" - (sell our show, take the money, then we cancel; 'cauz we hardcore)

Prodigy "BGAT!" - (SAB/SSG shooting through that trap door every time since '93... count on it)

The Orb "Perpetual Dawn" -

Kottonmouth Kings "My Mind's Playin' Tricks on Me" -

Prodigy "Trigger" - (tnx to BigBeat and the .ro Undernet #prodigy)

Metallica "Damage, Inc." -

Chemical Brothers "Not Another Drugstore" -

DJ Shadow "Organ Donor (extended overhaul)" -

The Crystal Method "Keep Hope Alive (trip hope)" -

DJ Logic "Drone" -!/album/The+Anomaly/3887315 (begin @ 5:20)

Mindless Drug Hoover "The Reefer Song" -

Overkill "Coma" - ("Bare Bones", from the same album, is preferred here)

Bomb the Bass "Bug Powder Dust" -

White Zombie "More Human Than Human" -

Eminem "Till I Collapse" - (half you people got a f*ckin' problem)

Roni Size "Centre of the Storm" -

Slayer "Hell Awaits" -

Prodigy "Poison" -

DJ Shadow "Walkie Talkie" -

Kottonmouth Kings "Built to Last" -

Roni Size "Ghetto Celebrity" -

Suicidal Tendencies "You Can't Bring Me Down" -

Prodigy "Diesel Power" -

Exodus "Deranged" -

DIO "Rainbow in the Dark" -

Gravity Kills "Guilty (Juno Reactor remix)" -

KMFDM "Stray Bullet" -

Prodigy "Smack my Bitch Up (Dj Hype)" -

L Trimm "Cars that go Boom" -

Yngwie Malmsteen "No Mercy" -

Depeche Mode "Slowblow" -

Slayer "God Hates Us All" -

Prodigy "Mindfields (Headrock Dub)" -

Chemical Brothers "Hot Acid Rhythms" -

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