Psychology of Dysfunctional Humans

The wealthy and powerful of the world have a very methodical approach to maintaining their wealth and position. They have a refined system to ensure that situations work to their favor and that they always have the inside track to success in any environment. They practice their system from the earliest childhood on but, you cube dwellers and corporate drones need not be dismayed, it is possible for you to engineer your own success in life: manage and practice a daily list of things to hate. You do not hate things? Begin keeping a list and you will.

Learn to seize opportunities. Learn to stay alert and ready to spring into action at any time. Learn to orchestrate the downfall of your enemies and maintain a composure of complete non-involvement. Learn to swing things in your favor and retain innocence of character. Learn to pursue your goals unceasingly. Learn to be a type A dominant personality in any situation. Learn how to coordinate your efforts with the people who are similarly minded in no stopping until they reach the top.

Maintain, manage, and manicure a daily list of things to hate. Learn to rationalize adding things to the list, justify taking them off the list, and re-rationalize placing them on the list. Learn to categorize and subdivide that list. Learn to manipulate the list to achieve the goals you have in mind. Learn all of the extra practices and techniques for acting on the list. Learn all of the excuses and alibis and coverups for the purpose of hiding and obfuscating the list.

Keep and maintain a daily list of things to hate: the wealthy and the powerful of the world do it, why shouldn't you?

When the sons of heaven take for themselves as many wives as they wanted, in the biblical Genesis chapter 6, and then leave town they leave behind a number of single mothers. Those single mothers either choose the variable term birth known as Noah's Ark or choose to keep the child. Those mothers who keep the child often teach their children to maintain a list of things they hate. This sets a precedent which reappears millenia later as the maternal inheritance of being Jewish. Genesis chapter six is long before the nation of Israel appears on the planet. The Jews blame the Reubenites, the entire nation of Israel yet owes money to the Egyptian pharaoh, the Egyptian pharaoh blames the Hebrews, the Hebrews blame the Shemites, the Shemites blame Noah, Noah roasted Ham, and Ham had no choice in the matter at the time of roasting.

The self-proclaimed "Lord's chosen people" maintain their wealth and power by teaching their children, from the earliest childhood ages, to maintain a list of things they hate. Before the age of twelve a majority of their decisions will be considered according to their evolving list of hate. Before the age of twenty the practice of their daily life will revolve primarily around their list of things to hate. Before the age of thirty their choice of spouse will be dependent in significant part upon their list of things to hate.

The Alfred Hitchcock movie "Psycho" is a depiction of society in its two categories. The "phonies" live on the hill and develop massive neurological identity disorders as a side effect of a life devoted to rationalizing a list of things to hate. The jobbies check into the Bates' motel and get killed. The phonies commonly use heroin to distance themself from reality as their identity disorder becomes more and more pressing; and they subject the jobbies to demonization over incidental habits such as tobacco, alcohol, and especially marijuana. The women of society--all of them--are familiar with Santa Claus as "phoney baloney". Phoney baloney is able to solve problems for them because they are the historical wealthy and powerful of the world and maintain managed coordinated systems of aggregating their personal lists of hate. The women do not use love as a weapon; they use love as a tool to gain access and priority on the lists of things to hate. If a group of phonies decides to make an example or a target of an individual then the result is similar to the Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds".

The phonies make up about 3% of the population as an overhead management group which controls the entirety of the tangible wealth and assets of the world. Those are the individuals who participate in what is best described as the Jericho parade. Those are the individuals who influence the lives of the people they control--the jobbies. The complete rationalization for their actions is based, near without exception, upon the maintenance of their personal lists of hate. They are able to tell lies with a straight face, maintain innocence (to the point of vehemence and beyond) when caught in the act, and practice arguing endlessly. They manicure and develop the tactics used to intimidate and control other people, aggravate them into submission, blame them into destruction of career, character, home, family, friends, and on into complete ruin.

What happens when a wealthy and powerful child adds your name to their list of hate? As children they are yet practicing the rationalizations and justifications and there remains yet a measure of humanity which compels them to limit the size of their list of hate. Upon adding the first name to the list (which begins, around age three, as a list of things which they do not like) they have "named" their list; or, as the list is practiced daily, named their pet. In the early years it is possible that they will go through the motions of removing names from the list to make room for other names. Over time, however, the usefulness of limiting the size of the list becomes futile and names are added never to be removed. How, then, is a name removed from a list of hate? Identity death is the only outcome. Death, suicide, jail, prison, homelessness, a name change--and then any resources remaining behind are taken by the victor. The wealthy and powerful of the world maintain their wealth and power by practicing a list of things to hate from the earliest age on.

The rich man hates his assignment, when he must have one as part of the cooperative system of starving Lazarus, and, due to his practice of a list of hate, develops a massive neurological disorder and wishes he could actually be somebody. Lazarus, similarly, hates his job and wishes that he could be somebody. The rich man's list of hate leads him to death by overstepping his physical limitations and being killed in a confrontation or dying a death of neurological disease. Lazarus breaks himself down to death on his job or succumbs to misery and despair over the trials of life which his earnings will never compensate for.

For thousands of years the priests, bishops, rabbis, philosophers and holy men of the world have debated the nature of "sin", and the concept of good and evil, and consoled their followers over the sufferings of life, and developed systems for coping with the bad things that happen to seemingly undeserving people. There have been endless debates, and wars, and mantras, and competitions between schools and methods of explanation. From the earliest age on the three to five percent of the world's wealthiest people maintain, practice, coordinate, and act on a personal list of hate. Competitions to determine the relative effectiveness of individuals' list of hate are conducted in a scientifically clinical manner designed as Sodom and Gomorrah: winner take all, in modern day those competitions are depicted as corporate mergers.

Maintain and practice a list of things to hate. Read and re-rationalize each and every item on the list daily. Learn to develop organizational schemes and subdivide it. Learn to manipulate mechanisms of acting on it. Learn to work with other people to create alibis and coverups and hide it. Learn your own personal strengths for affecting individuals whom you have placed on your list.

No impulse is as strong as hate. Learn to calibrate your hate. Learn to manage your hate. Learn to use your hate as a tool to get what you want. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your hate. Learn to control your hate. Learn to take notice of weaknesses in others which will make them susceptible to your methods of hate. Learn to exploit personalities, dominate adversaries, point the finger of blame and step out of the way just in time. Learn to maintain innocence and complete non-involvement in situations you create against those people who have been added to your list of hate.

The wealthy and powerful of the world keep a list of things to hate: why shouldn't you?

Worshipping the devil is not about pentagrams and candles and names and symbols and squiggly knives and mumbled words of long-forgotten languages. Worshipping the devil is the practice of maintaining a personal list of things to hate. Working for the devil worshippers involves clinging to an excuse to operate as a subservient for the purpose of earning their wealth. Working for the devil worshippers involves pointing the finger of blame at anyone who chooses not to work for the devil worshippers--the perfect extension of the list of hate kept by the self-proclaimed "Lord's chosen people".

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