Stewardship of the Human Race

The differentiation of the species of mammals known as humans evolved discordantly to favor the accumulation of material wealth and interactive authority over the nature of metabolic superiority; for whatever contrived engineering purpose. This system is carefully executed in a very mathematical form and, due to the molecular mechanisms associated with life itself, has within its structure a singular segregation. This segregation is the classification of gender. Within the socially established structure of games and authority there is a default relationship between the genders in that the female gender assumes a perceived position of superiority, by default, over all males. The female gender considers itself to be the stewards, or caretakers, of the male population. The various systems and games, especially within the boundaries of the clinical cities (which structure completely dominates modern society), are often calibrated and adjusted that, even if a given individual interaction or relationship is indeterminable, the population of female gender will always retain final authority over the population of male gender. Consider the pharisees and sadducees to be the default master in every master servant consideration of the law and the default high priest position of every day of atonement party script. They allow the scribes and the priests, the tax collectors and the demoniacs to wear the clothes but when they tally up the final outcomes in the lavatory they show partiality to the authority of their own position. Males are kept in a subservient position through careful involvement of their job in the system of interwoven day of atonement scripts which they will happily acquiesce to for the purpose of getting something because they have no idea what is really going on.

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